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City Council does an About-Face on Dodgertown Golf Course Property. IRNA Out in force to Derail “Done Deal”






Carter Taylor
Executive Director


Dear IRNA Member:

According to “insiders” it was supposed to be a “done deal” -- the end of the road for the former Dodgertown Golf Course!  Vero Beach City Council would vote 3-2 to sell the property for $2.7 million to a Palm Beach Gardens developer.  Two-hundred eighty (280) residential units of future low-income housing would be packed into the site – right at the approach to the airport runway.

This is a textbook case of why our community needs the Indian River Neighborhood Association.

While you were out at work to support your family, or maybe enjoying a round of golf, IRNA was out in force at the City Council meeting intent on derailing this terrible plan – and we were highly effective. 

Pressed visibly by the large--and vocal--public presence, The City Council voted 4-0 to reject the offer, and pull down the property listing -- a complete about-face -- giving the public the time and opportunity to weigh in on the decision, the Vision Plan and upcoming budget season.

Fact is, the Dodgertown property is a truly unique asset for our Community, but also a challenge.

The highest and best long-run use of the property will require vision, consensus of stakeholders, and some entrepreneurial zeal.  In other words, it’s a lot more difficult than simply selling the property to the highest bidder for a prompt sale. 

While we may not be able to make much of an impact on Washington, D.C.  or Tallahassee, We the People can make a direct impact in our own community just by staying informed and showing up.  What happened on Tuesday is proof that it works!

Now, here is what you can do: 

First, IRNA needs your financial support.  We are a volunteer organization and we have very little overhead, but we do need your financial assistance to get the word out and help keep people informed.  Please keep us in mind. Donate Securely Now!

Second, the City of Vero Beach is holding a Vision Plan Meeting this coming Monday, March 13, 2017 2:00p. m. at City Hall.  If you possibly can, please join me and our IRNA friends. 

This will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about what’s being planned for your future, and to make your mark on the future of Vero Beach. 

Kind regards,

Carter S. D. Taylor, Executive Director

Indian River Neighborhood Association