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IRNA Fraud Alert

This is an alert to the people of Indian River County.  

The IRNA logo has been fraudulently lifted from our website and attached to a widely distributed email entitled "Observer".   

The email is written anonymously and the best that can be said about it is that it contains no truthful information.    

It seeks to create an impression that the IRNA has taken a position to somehow work against the sale of Vero Beach Electric to Florida Power and Light. We believe this was done deliberately to gain some sort of political advantage in the upcoming City election.   


This is tiresome, year after year, to read the same old thread.   

The fact is this Electric Utility issue does not occupy our attention.  

The fact is a statement was published April 13, 2014, written by John Higgs on behalf of the IRNA denying, yet again, such an assertion and expressing support for the sale if it could be accomplished.   

We are a volunteer organization working on land use matters for the people and neighborhoods throughout our County.  Currently, our efforts are directed to the preservation of the Lagoon, short-term transient rentals in residential neighborhoods and the proposed All Aboard Florida fast train with expanded freight transport.     

Our accomplishments are many, thanks to remarkable people who share their knowledge and experience with us for the benefit of our communities. These same individuals may also participate on different sides of issues having local, state, national or international implications but those are personal actions entirely separate from our work.     

To attempt to discredit our organization and the wonderful volunteers who work so hard on behalf of the people of this County is nothing less than despicable.      

One is tempted to ask, who could possibly stoop so low?  That discussion is best left to others.