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Time runs out on Senate bill to preempt local regulation of Short Term Rentals


In the waning hours of the 2017 Session of the Florida Legislature, the Senate considered Bills on the  Special Order Calendar of the last day of the regular legislative session for 2017.

Among the last of the Bills that were to be considered was SB 188, which would pre-empt the right of local cities and counties to regulate Short Term Vacation Rentals.   Only jurisdictions with grandfathered protections prior to May, 2011 would have been spared. 

 SB 188 and Companion HB 425 had successfully navigated through several Senate and House Committees. 

On April 28, the House voted to pass the bill by a close vote of 63-56.    

After receiving two readings in the Senate, SB 188 waited its turn to come before the full Senate.   

On the final day of the regular 40-day legislative session, the Florida Senate deliberated over five hours on dozens of bills. 

With only five bills remaining its Special Order Calendar, SB 188 being the last--the Senate was forced to move on to confirmations appointees and business being returned by the House for passage, leaving SB 188 on Vacation Rentals tabled.    

With midnight bearing down, and budget work yet to be completed, the Senate and House voted on a Concurrent Resolution CR 1850 to reconvene on Monday Morning with business limited to the completion of tax and budget legislation.

Report Filed by Carter S. D. Taylor