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Indian River Neighborhood Association Mission & About Us

We represent non-partisan volunteer residents in neighborhoods throughout Indian River County with a common vision of pro business and managed growth to preserve Indian River County's quality of life. We have no self-interest, no land ownership or profit motives. Our solitary purpose is to protect our community for the enjoyment of future generations.

Indian River Neighborhood Association, Inc. ("IRNA") is a Corporation organized under the authority of the Florida Not-for-Profit Corporation Act.  IRNA is registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services,  Registration Number CH52284, to solicit charitable contributions under the provisions of §496, Florida Statutes.   This communication is a solicitation of non-voting membership dues and voluntary contributions.  All contributions will be used for general corporate and association purposes. Requests for additional information about IRNA may be made by written request to Indian River Neighborhood Association, Care of Daniel E. Lamson, Registered Agent, PO Box 643868, Vero Beach, FL, 32964 or by emailing

The Threat...

Over the past 10 years, the County Commission has yielded to the development industry again and again.

Thousands of new homes now sit empty, depressing the entire real estate market. Many developments were started and now sit empty with the skeleton of roads running through them.


Large land owners have been lured in by the promise of a greater financial reward for building houses than growing citrus. In time, and without good growth management, our rural agricultural land will be transformed to housing and we will look like south Florida. This is starting up again, as the economy recovers. The by-products of this rampant growth are more water shortages, traffic, pollution, crime, gangs, drugs, rising taxes and housing costs, and diminished farmland, habitat and quality of life.


The Solution...

In a democracy, the best solutions to community problems come from its citizens. The IRNA brings organization and expression to such solutions. We are the strong, clear voice for citizens who oppose the South Floridazation of Indian River County.

As organized citizens, we have been and will continue to be a political force in local elections, endorsing those candidates who pledge to represent the interests of the vast majority of residents and their cherished lifestyle.

The IRNA will continue to monitor growth and development issues, presenting factual and in-depth information to the public and our elected officials

We encourage you to click the donate button above to help us make sure we avoid the fate of South Florida here in Indian River County. We like the way things are here, and with your help we will fight to keep them this way.