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Save Our Lagoon

We need a concentrated effort by the community to save this wonderful and valuable natural resource.

Our Lagoon is imperiled:

Indian River Lagoon - sick

(Image Source)

Our Sea Grass is dying:

graph of sea grass die off

(Graph Source)

What can we do?

There are several ways you can help!

  • Learn more about the county's new fertilizer ordinance. Thecounty has posted a good resource here. The basics are:
    • No fertilizer application from June 1 to September 30
    • All fertilizer¬† mst contain at least 50% slow release nitrogen
    • No phosphorous fertilizer without a soil test
  • Get involved! Follow us on facebook for the latest events in Indian River County to support our Lagoon. From rallies to events, the info is there.
  • Contact elected officials about your concerns.