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Bob Graham: Lawmakers Ignoring ‘Will of the People’ on Florida Forever Funding

In 2014 voters in Florida approved a statewide amendment to dedicate a source of funding to preserve sensitive lands, a major source of water. The IRNA supported that referendum which today is still known as the "Water and Land Legacy Amendment".

It is noteworthy that 75% of the voters in Florida approved this Amendment.

It is equally noteworthy that, for the third consecutive year, the Legislators in Tallahassee have not used those dedicated funds for the intended purpose.

Former Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Graham has been particularly alarmed about this. He recently spoke out about it and that interview, sponsored by USF, is accessed by clicking on the link in the following article. At the conclusion of the article, you may listen to the entire interview.

Many of you have questioned what happened to this Amendment. Hopefully, your questions will be answered by Florida's former Governor, Bob Graham.

This information was sent to us courtesy of the Florida Conservation Coalition.

Honey Minuse, Chair
IRNA Board of Directors


FCC News Brief - May 15, 2017

By Gladys Delgadillo on May 15, 2017 08:18 am
Steve Newborn reports for WUSF – “One of the main backers of Florida Forever – and its predecessor, Preservation 2000 – was former Florida Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Graham. He said state lawmakers are ignoring the will of the people… ‘I hope that there will be a public outcry on this, and that the result of that will be that the Legislature will reform itself,’ Graham said, ‘and beginning next year will give proper recognition to the will of the people – which is to save the natural Florida.’” Read the full article here: Bob Graham: Lawmakers Ignoring ‘Will of the People’ on Florida Forever Funding.